AOTMP Webinar: 4 Key Elements to a Successful TEM Program

If making telecom expense management (TEM) work more effectively is a top goal at your company, this webinar is for you.

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Drawn from key findings in AOTMP’s annual “State of the Telecom Management Industry” research report and delivered by the firm’s top TEM analyst, this informative webinar is full of insights and practical advice to help you take TEM to the next level, including:

  • Discover the 4 crucial elements of a successful Telecom Expense Management program – and how to pull them all together to reduce cost and maximize results.
  • Learn why a sole focus on loading and paying invoices is not the best path to reducing IT costs.
  • Find out how to gain total visibility into all of your spend, services, devices, and true costs.
  • Confirm why your inventory is one of the most critical elements to success in expense management, and how to Synkronize data to keep it current.
  • How to automate and simplify business processes to free your staff for higher order activities.
  • Why you need more than basic TEM – you need a complete system with normalized workstreams and a set of KPIs specific to your industry.

And it’s free. Just fill out the form and watch it at your convenience.

You’ll be glad you did.