Amalgam Insights Webinar: Everything You Need to Know to Effectively Manage Corporate SaaS

If managing the cost, use, performance, and end-user experience of SaaS applications at your company falls on you, this webinar is a must.

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Featuring Hyoun Park, an authority on the emerging SaaS management category, the webinar provides insights and tips to help IT, Procurement, Sourcing, and Operations Managers deftly manage SaaS as an enterprise IT category and take control of the fastest growing spend category at companies today. Hyoun will cover:

  • Why SaaS is now an important enterprise spend category.
  • How to overcome the key challenges to building a SaaS subscriptions inventory.
  • Why it’s critical for you to take an end-user-centric approach to SaaS management.
  • Opportunities for saving 20-30% on your SaaS spend.
  • How to bring subscription inventory, contracts, EULAs, and invoices together for a complete view of all SaaS.
  • Key takeaways for building an employee end-user focused SaaS Management practice in your organization that will improve productivity and revenue.

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Get ready. The SaaS era is upon us.