No More Excuses:
Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Policy

Only 30% of companies have a formal mobility policy. The rest have excuses. The Sakon Mobility E-book helps set aside the excuses and provides a path for creating the policy you know you need.

A recent national survey suggests that over 60% of companies don’t have a formal mobility policy and half of those have no plans to make one. But every analyst, journalist and mobility vendor will tell you the same thing: it’s imperative to have one.

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The Sakon Mobility E-book looks at the 8 most common excuses that enterprise mobility executives have for not documenting a policy, explains why they are wrong, and paves the way to getting one done.

Did you know that every policy should contain the same four basic elements? Or that a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach doesn’t exempt you from requiring a policy (hint: corporate data or email on any device makes it your responsibility)? Or why a policy downloaded off the internet is unlikely to meet your needs?

Stop making excuses and start working with your team to establish your company’s mobile policy. Download the free Sakon Mobility Ebook now.